Be more than you’ve ever been in the water


Bodysurfing is the purest and most original form of surfing. It can be done on just about any beach and wave – it’s the perfect synergy between man and nature. Whether you’re catching the crest of your first wave or shredding tight spins and barrel rolls, bodysurfing is the ultimate sport for anyone – beginners and experienced thrill seekers alike.

Introducing WaveWrecker… bodysurfing technology that lets you “Be the Board.” Why carry a board around? Why not put it on and wear it? Why not take the fight directly to the wave?

What is WaveWrecker?

WaveWrecker is the world’s first wave-surfing gear designed to revolutionize the sport of bodysurfing. Who knows, it may actually spawn a new sport called “Wrecking” or something like that – all we know is it’s darned fun to get wrecked. Six years in the making, WaveWrecker is wearable technology that gives people at all levels of experience the ability to catch and carve up waves…to be streamlined like a torpedo cutting through the water.

Because of its buoyancy, WaveWrecker dramatically shortens the bodysurfing learning curve for beginners and helps parents feel more confident about their kids’ safety vs. being in the water without gear. The additional buoyancy also gives experienced shredders the ability to stay in the water longer, and grip each wave with the control necessary to push the limits of the bodysurfing extreme.

Simply put, WaveWrecker provides an unfair advantage in the epic battle of man vs. wave.