WaveWrecker YouTube Videos

WaveWrecker is the world’s first wave-surfing gear, transforming you into a custom-built wave-wrecking machine with surfaces that grip the wave and allow you to tear it up like never before. Join us here for new videos as we make ‘em!

Jeff’s Spin Move:

Catch Jeff showing off WaveWrecker’s massive range of movement as he cuts and spins across the face of the wave.

Jeff Surf Clips 2:

Jeff tearing it up in his WaveWrecker gear suit. Get yours here.

Wrecked Reel 3:

A mashup of waves we’ve wrecked recently. If the water’s calling you after watching this vid, click here to nab your WaveWrecker gear.

Wrecked Reel 2:

We took the suit out for a spin and absolutely wrecked some great waves. If you haven’t got yours yet, head over here.

Wrecked Reel

Those waves weren’t gonna wreck themselves, so we cruised down to the beach and got the job done. If you’re itching for a jam in one of these babies, give us a yell. We’ll sort you out.