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WaveWrecker- This Suit Allows You To Body Surf Without a Board

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You Are The Board with WaveWrecker Bodysurfing WetsuitHere’s their article:

We have all experienced surfing either by doing it or by watching someone else. Surfing takes skill just like any other sport, you need balance, coordination and determination to learn. Surfing can be a fun experience but getting the board to the wave is not. What if there was a way to wear the board instead of having to carry the board? Fortunately there is a company called WaveWrecker that has done just that, they are the first to create a wearable surf board. The WaveWrecker is a body suit that lets you surf without the surf board.. WaveWrecker creates a variety of different sizes ranging from children to adults. Honestly after watching their YouTube surfing videos, I am kinda jealous I don’t have one.

How does it work?

Each suit contains targeted surfaces that increase hydrodynamics that lift your body slightly out of the water, kinda like wearing a life jacket. The suit incorporates around 11 different fins that gives you more directional control in the water, this is what allows you to maneuver around a wave. The suit is sealed tight to prevent water from entering.

So what are the pros of owning a Wavewrecker suite? Well the obvious one is you don’t need to lug around a surfboard, secondly surfing requires a bit of a learning curve, you definitely do not start surfing on your first try, I learned that the hard way when I face planted into a wave. A decent surf board is going to cost more than the Wavewrecker suite right off the bat and you also don’t need to worry about waxing a board every time you wanna surf a wave.

Wavewrecker has created  a product that is unique and fresh, the fun and convenience factor is well worth the cost. Reading about it does not give it justice, you have to watch their you tube videos, it will make you wish you could join the party.


WaveWrecker Bodysurfing Gear Hits Blue Sky & Gorgeous Turquoise Waves in Hawaii

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WaveWrecker gear is the ultimate bodysurfing invention with added buoyancy and 11 strategic fins to give you creative control as you attack the waves.

WaveWrecker Is a Proud Sponsor of Jeffrey Earnhardt NASCAR Racing

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Jeffrey Earnhardt is the grandson of Dale Earnhardt, one of the fastest racers ever in the sport of NASCAR car racing.

Just as Earnhardt is the next generation of racing, WaveWrecker is the next generation of shred and speed in the water.






Body Surf Big Waves in Hawaii with WaveWrecker Body Surfing Gear

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The Ultimate Body Surfing Accessory.


WaveWrecker Bodysurfing Gear Is the Best Way to Catch a Big Wave in Hawaii. Get tubed in a killer pipeline.


WaveWrecker body surfing gear lets you “Be the Board” and instantly enjoy breakthrough benefits:

1. Boosted buoyancy so you can put your energy into creative moves rather than wasting your energy staying afloat

2. Wetsuit insulation so you can ride the waves all year

3. Eliminate the need for a hand plane

4. Strategic fins give you amazing directional control

5. The patented bodysurfing wetsuit lets you become one with the wave. No need for a board or other equipment because you become the board

6. Gives you just the right amount of flotation to get higher on a wave and enjoy a longer ride, but if you need to dive under a wave and swim underwater, you can

7. Six years of design & development

8. Added safety for kids & average swimmers

9. Save energy while waiting for the next set of waves

10. Opens up possibilities for other water sports

11. World-wide international shipping is available

12. Both parents and their children can use the suit to create unique memories at the beach

The inventor, Dr. Nicholas Gadler, a lifelong beach-lover and body surfer, had the inspiration for the design while teaching one of his sons to overcome the fear of swimming in deep water.

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WaveWrecker: The Ultimate Body Surfing Accessory

WaveWrecker Joins with Urban Surf 4 Kids on ‘Surf with a Cop Day’ and “Unleashed by Petco”

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WaveWrecker and Surf with A Cop Day – August 20th

In La Jolla, CA. Law enforcement and foster youth gathered around La Jolla Shores on Saturday, August 20th from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM for an event called, “Surf With A Cop Day”. The purpose of the event was to build a community between law enforcement and foster youth. The youth will be able to interact and learn about law enforcement and the Explorer volunteer program for teenagers. Deputies, officers, agents and foster youth will hold a memorial to honor the fallen officers. Urban Surf 4 Kids, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, aims to empower foster youth through healthy outlets such as surfing and community service based mentoring programs. All donations received went to “The Dreaming of Aloha Achievement Program” — an opportunity to give 15 foster youth a trip of a lifetime to Hawaii.

The Urban Surf 4 Kids event in La Jolla included: Foster youth to surf in La Jolla Shores with the law enforcement, Deputies, officers, agents and foster youth will paddle out in memory of those killed in the line of duty. A K-9 demonstration was provided for foster kids.

A Sheriff’s Department Special Enforcement Detail (SED/SWAT) vehicle and patrol car will be available for foster kids to explore. Deputies and officers will be on hand to explain how they keep the community safe. Sheriff’s Explorers (teen volunteers) will also be available with a display to talk about how foster kids might be able to explore a career in law enforcement through the volunteer program. Food will be sponsored by Board and Brew WaveWrecker, a surfboard and gear hybrid will be providing a WaveWrecker experience for the foster kids We had such an awesome time with the kids. We can wait for the next event on Saturday, September 17th! Contact us if you want to know more about the event!

WaveWrecker and the Unleashed by Petco – July 30th

In San Diego California on July 30th the world’s best surf dogs hung 20 at the annual Unleashed by Petco Imperial Beach Surf Dog competion. Now in its eleventh year, this is considered the original surf dog event that started it all. More than 60 dogs are expected to compete in this family friendly event, which raises funds for the San Diego Humane Society. The 11th Annual Unleashed by Petco Imperial Beach Surf Dog competition included: An off-leash play area provided by Outward Hound® Coronado Brewing Company will be pouring their 20th anniversary brew in the beer garden.

Bathe to Save, a mobile dog-washing bus on a national tour to raise awareness of the benefits of animal adoption, will be offering on-site mobile dog baths for $20, with all proceeds benefiting the San Diego Humane Society. San Diego Humane Society dog adoptions. Anyone who adopts a dog at the event will receive an Summer Fun starter kit, including Fun Fish doggy life jacket, sponsored by Outward Hound. We had our WaveWrecker booth out at the event to showcase our unique gear. We’re even thinking about making WaveWreckers for dogs, what are your thoughts on that?

Hillary Manalac

[email protected]

New Patented Body Surfing Gear Goes Global

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US patent 8662946 was granted to inventor, Dr. Nicholas Noel Gadler, for a body surfing accessory concept that came to him 6 years ago. His idea is now a reality and will be available worldwide on July 15th, 2016.

The WaveWrecker flagship product is a body surfing wetsuit that looks like a surfer’s gear, but has 11 fins attached in strategic locations to boost buoyancy and enhance directional control when riding a wave. The fins are made of high-tech foam with different densities, shapes and stiffness that reduce the bodysurfing learning curve.

WaveWrecker, llc had a domestic soft launch in April following a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Several top investors received first editions of the proprietary bodysurfing gear, then it was offered to online purchasers in the United States, Mexico & Canada.

In preparation for international fulfillment, WaveWrecker succeeded in finding a better manufacturing process that could meet and exceed the first run production costs and standards. The warehouse inventory is stocked with bodysurfing accessories for men, women and children in 9 sizes and is now poised for international delivery.

Inventor, Nick Gadler, an oral surgeon for 20 years, had moments of inspiration for other inventions in the past, however, he didn’t act upon them. After witnessing his ideas going to market without him, he committed to taking action when he believed in his next idea.

The next idea came to Nick Gadler when he was in his backyard swimming pool treading water for a long time while encouraging his son to swim to him in the deep end. Growing tired treading water, Nick glanced around and spotted foam pool noodles and grabbed a couple of them to help him stay afloat. They added better floatation and allowed him to be more patient while coaching his son. Before long, he imagined what it would be like if a person had augmented floatation when body surfing. The idea grew from there.

The first prototypes were crude and made from whatever Gadler could find at his house or the local hardware store. After 27 prototypes, he had refined the design to the point he knew he had something worthwhile. He even hired a Hollywood movie costume design company called, Gentle Giant in Burbank, CA, to make the gear a natural extension of the human body with appealing aesthetics utilizing CAD (computer-aided drafting).

The Discovery Channel met up with WaveWrecker to do a video shoot off the coast of San Diego. Several veteran bodysurfers came out and donned the WaveWrecker gear to test the equipment’s performance on TV. They liked the WaveWrecker gear and thoroughly enjoyed the experience – pointing out several of the suit’s key advantages.

After testing the WaveWrecker gear, 2015 World Champion Bodysurfer Makena Magro commented, “I felt a lot faster in the water, and the suit’s added buoyancy made it much easier to concentrate on maneuvering across the face of the wave.” She added, “WaveWrecker let me spend less time and energy treading water, and let me focus on catching waves.”

Now that Nick Gadler has seen his idea become reality, one can expect other product innovations and inventions at in the future. He says the process is addictive.

Who Let the Surf Dogs Out? Urban Surf 4 Kids & So Cal Surf Dogs Did!

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Urban Surf 4 Kids: ( is a unique nonprofit with a big heart for orphan and foster kids. They use water sports as a catalyst, and teach kids how to first have fun and then give back to their communities and neighborhoods through local service projects.

On Saturday, July 16th the WaveWrecker crew went out to Ocean Beach, CA to provide WaveWrecker body surfing demos with the kids. We really enjoyed giving back to the kids and showing them a good time with the WaveWrecker gear. We’re honored to be a part of their “Ohana” by doing monthly events with the organization to give the kids a new experience in the water with our products. Our goal is to give any child confidence in and out of the water to show they’re not scared of anything. Surfing with the Urban Surf 4 Kids experience was an amazing and memorable one.

So Cal Surf Dogs ( joined in the fun and brought their real Surf Dogs. Yes, they train canines to actually catch waves on surfboards in the ocean. They added a lot of sparkle to the event and they always draw crowds, so attendees really appreciated their support.

WaveWrecker volunteers had so much fun that we look forward to participating in future events.

Mahalo. Namaste.