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Who Let the Surf Dogs Out? Urban Surf 4 Kids & So Cal Surf Dogs Did!

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Urban Surf 4 Kids: ( is a unique nonprofit with a big heart for orphan and foster kids. They use water sports as a catalyst, and teach kids how to first have fun and then give back to their communities and neighborhoods through local service projects.

On Saturday, July 16th the WaveWrecker crew went out to Ocean Beach, CA to provide WaveWrecker body surfing demos with the kids. We really enjoyed giving back to the kids and showing them a good time with the WaveWrecker gear. We’re honored to be a part of their “Ohana” by doing monthly events with the organization to give the kids a new experience in the water with our products. Our goal is to give any child confidence in and out of the water to show they’re not scared of anything. Surfing with the Urban Surf 4 Kids experience was an amazing and memorable one.

So Cal Surf Dogs ( joined in the fun and brought their real Surf Dogs. Yes, they train canines to actually catch waves on surfboards in the ocean. They added a lot of sparkle to the event and they always draw crowds, so attendees really appreciated their support.

WaveWrecker volunteers had so much fun that we look forward to participating in future events.

Mahalo. Namaste.