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WaveWrecker- This Suit Allows You To Body Surf Without a Board

By BodysurfingNo Comments showcased our bodysurfing gear on their creative site featuring unique gifts, gadgets and products.

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You Are The Board with WaveWrecker Bodysurfing WetsuitHere’s their article:

We have all experienced surfing either by doing it or by watching someone else. Surfing takes skill just like any other sport, you need balance, coordination and determination to learn. Surfing can be a fun experience but getting the board to the wave is not. What if there was a way to wear the board instead of having to carry the board? Fortunately there is a company called WaveWrecker that has done just that, they are the first to create a wearable surf board. The WaveWrecker is a body suit that lets you surf without the surf board.. WaveWrecker creates a variety of different sizes ranging from children to adults. Honestly after watching their YouTube surfing videos, I am kinda jealous I don’t have one.

How does it work?

Each suit contains targeted surfaces that increase hydrodynamics that lift your body slightly out of the water, kinda like wearing a life jacket. The suit incorporates around 11 different fins that gives you more directional control in the water, this is what allows you to maneuver around a wave. The suit is sealed tight to prevent water from entering.

So what are the pros of owning a Wavewrecker suite? Well the obvious one is you don’t need to lug around a surfboard, secondly surfing requires a bit of a learning curve, you definitely do not start surfing on your first try, I learned that the hard way when I face planted into a wave. A decent surf board is going to cost more than the Wavewrecker suite right off the bat and you also don’t need to worry about waxing a board every time you wanna surf a wave.

Wavewrecker has created  a product that is unique and fresh, the fun and convenience factor is well worth the cost. Reading about it does not give it justice, you have to watch their you tube videos, it will make you wish you could join the party.