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Big Wave Bodysurfing Barrel Roll in WaveWrecker Gear

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Bodysurfing is the purest and most original form of surfing. It can be done on just about any beach and wave – it’s the perfect synergy between man and nature. Whether you’re catching the crest of your first wave or shredding tight spins and barrel rolls, bodysurfing is the ultimate sport for anyone – beginners and experienced thrill seekers alike.

Introducing WaveWrecker… bodysurfing technology that lets you “Be the Board.” Why carry a board around? Why not put it on and wear it? Why not take the fight directly to the wave?

With this WaveWrecker bodysurfing accessory, you can boost your performance in one surfing session.

With WaveWrecker equipment, you can:

– Stay warm year long with an insulated wetsuit
– Spend less energy staying afloat while waiting to catch the perfect wave
– Better buoyancy, but you can still dive into the wave and swim underwater
– 11 tested fins give you directional control on the plane of the wave
– Start riding waves higher near the crest for longer, more exhilarating runs
– No need for a hand plane, Boogie Board, or other cumbersome gear, with WaveWrecker gear, you can, “Be the Board”!