What is WaveWrecker?

WaveWrecker is the world’s first wave-surfing gear. It’s designed to give you the ability to carve up waves, altering your anatomy to make it more streamlined and buoyant. The gear transforms you into a custom-built wave-wrecking machine, with surfaces that grip the wave and allow you to tear it up like never before.

WaveWrecker gives you superpowers. When you put it on, you are in complete control. We’re pretty sure this is how Poseidon feels when he goes bodysurfing. The fine-tuned control you have over your ride with WaveWrecker equipment is something every thrill-seeker needs to experience. It’s like you’re a shark. It’s like you’re Aquaman. If Tony Stark made bodysurfing gear, this would be it.

The gear gives you the perfect amount of buoyancy and directional control, without impeding your movement or tiring you out. It gives you what you need but doesn’t take away what you already have.