How it Works

WaveWrecker has control surfaces in targeted areas around the body to increase hydrodynamics and lift in just the right areas. The gear incorporates 11 built-in fins made of a uniquely flexible and buoyant, super-durable, closed-cell foam. This provides the perfect amount of buoyancy and directional control without impeding your movement or tiring you out. Its first-of-its-kind design helps you spend less time and energy treading water so you can focus on catching that perfect wave. In the deepest of water you can float effortlessly in a vertical position with your head completely above water – waiting for the next set. It’s like sitting on a board, but you won’t need one of those anymore.

With just the right amount of buoyancy, you duck dive beneath waves AND shred without being slammed.

WaveWrecker’s revolutionary design also prevents water intrusion through a proprietary neck closure, and o-ring-like wrist closures. The gear has variable neoprene thicknesses 2mm, 3mm and 4mm areas to maximize strength, mobility, buoyancy and comfort. We use the best materials available and manufacture our products in a world-class facility – the same facility the top surfing brands in the world use.

Just like a boogie board, you need to use swim fins or you will not have the acceleration needed to maximize your wave catching ability.