1)  I believe I read on your site that it allows you to float in a vertical position so you can just kind of float as you are waiting for the next wave.  Is that the case?

Absolutely. You can fold your hands across your chest and float upright (almost like sitting on a board waiting for the next set) and bob like a cork and your head will not drop below the water. You save a ton of energy without needing to tread water. You can catch your breath after getting out past the breakers, then unload all your saved energy on the next wave.

2) Is the experience significantly different from just body surfing?

Yes it is significantly different. It makes you much more buoyant and as such, there is a learning curve. Some people get it right away. Other people need as much as an entire day to figure it out and get dialed in. It’s like snowboarding in the sense that on the first day most people fall on their ass, but once they get the hang of it they love it and never go back to skiing.

3) Does it add extra maneuverability/traction on the wave?

Yes it does. The lateral leg fins provide the most control by using your thigh to dig into the side of the wave. The chest fins provide a board-like planing ability and give good flotation.

4) Have you got much traction so far in the US?

We are a tiny company (only 2 employees) right now and only released the product in the Spring of this year. We sold out of our first order and just received our second batch of suits and had to double the number of suits for the second order. We are selling mainly online to keep the price low enough for people to buy it as retail wants to mark it up almost double so they can make a good profit. We do have 2 stores that have brought the suit in and they are selling well. Unfortunately, the suit is expensive to manufacture, that should change as we sell more and the numbers will increase and drop the price…economy of scale.

5) Are you looking to expand into other countries?

Yes, we want to be worldwide eventually and will do that as quickly as we can.

6) We have a big lifesaving culture here (including ‘nippers’ – young children who learn the lifesaving skills from an early age).

This suit is perfect for kids who want to look cool and learn to catch waves safely – they float. Parents will like this too knowing that their kids are much safer in the water with one of our suits on.

7) The problem at a lot of beaches though is that the best waves, which break beyond the sandbanks, are often not accessible to bodysurfers because they often don’t have the stamina to bob up and down waiting for waves and/or it gets too cold.

This suit does take care of both issues. It is made from top quality Yamamoto Japanese foam neoprene which is super flexible, comfortable and retains warmth very well. While you are very buoyant, you are not too buoyant to dive under and through waves.