Prelaunch Shout-outs

These amazing people are the reason WaveWrecker as it is today even exists. Without these guys, this wouldn’t have been possible. Each and every one of them played a pivotal role in WaveWrecker’s creation. Thank you!

John Federoff
Lisel Ferguson
Clark & Hillary Bernhard
Procopio Law
Surf ‘n Sea Custom Wetsuits
Joe Donoghue
Leardon Solutions
Plastics Resource Group
Gentle Giant
Brian Sunderlin
Jeff Oglesby
Anthony Rhea
Dylan Whiteman
Jack Goodall
Dave Gatto
Tony Marquez
Carlos Marquez
Sharron Cooley
Rudy Palmbroom
First Citizen’s Bank
Mike Todd
Greg Wilfhart
Mike Van Nostran
Peter Hsu
Bill Cheuk
Huang Lee
Rick Ganzer
The Del Mar Bodysurfing Club
Kelly Peckham
Mike Watts
Robert Bear
Meredith Rose
Hillary Manalac
Urban Surf 4 Kids

Kickstarter Top Donors

We wish to thank this enthusiastic group for jumping in with both feet and making a huge difference in making our Kickstarter campaign goal! Listed according to their username. 

Edward Rosenbaum
Serge-Eric Trembley
Jeff Halliday
Rick Hopper
Marsh Mac
Dione Gadler
Caleb Holler
David L. Martin
Geoff Goldberg
Tony C
Michael D Singer
Ray Sullivan

Kickstarter Donors

Thanks to all the donors that helped us meet and exceed our goals in our Kickstarter campaign. You helped us get off to a great start in launching this new company and product. This has really inspired and encouraged us!

Bob Keleman
Thomas Dunn
Richard Jordan
Daniel Kamzan
Dee Thompson
M J Gadler
Carl B
Christina Waggoner
Lisa Lavelli
Joan Rosenbaum
Jeff Oglesby
Slyde Handboards
Nick Zawadzki
Kate Rains
Bonnie Hall
Herbert Williams
Keary Cheney
Jonathan Khoo
Miles Arnold
Julie Hernandez
Jimmy Ting